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Can you make a quilt for $24?

By July 16, 2016Uncategorized

PatternJam Quilts for Less Than $30

These gorgeous quilts were created by PatternJam users, and not one of these tops cost the buyer more than $30!  Each of these quilts was made during our 50% rebate offer, and the only stipulation to receive the rebate was to send us photos of the finished quilt by July 15th.




Why Would I Ever CHEAT?

We are so certain that after you’ve used one of our ready-to-quilt panels to create a quilt, you’ll wonder why you ever pieced quilts in the first place (well…at least you’ll be grateful for the option to skip the piecing when you don’t have time for it)!

Especially when you consider some of the responses from first-time users.  PatternJam user, Susan Bolte customized Emily Herrick’s Clambake pattern, and here’s what she said about using the ready-to-quilt panel:

“My excitement couldn’t be contained when I found your website and the challenge to earn a discount!  I am a quilter who hates piecing quilts. I love to quilt on solid fabric to accentuate the quilting designs.  I’ve always wanted to quilt a clam shell quilt.  This one was a larger scale than I was thinking, but I couldn’t be more pleased at the results.

Initially, I did a stitch in the ditch (or traced the outlines of each clam shell.  I believe that makes it look like a truly pieced quilt top that only a skilled eye could determine it is a printed quilt top.  I do my free-motion quilting on a HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down longarm machine”. 

And, from PatternJam user, Ashley Sheare:

“I love the pattern jam way to make quilts.  This was my first order and I’m so glad that I did.  I love how this turned out and am so happy with how easy and quick it was”.

Want the Same Deal?

Great!  Here are the rules to participate:

1-  Purchase a ready-to-quilt panel from PatternJam’s Top Shop before July 31.  Your purchase can be of your own design, or using a designer pattern that you’ve customized to your liking (or the default design)

2-  After you’ve finished making your quilt, take photos of it and send them to emily.t@patternjam.com by August 15

3- Only one rebate per customer.  Rebate only applies to quilts purchased at full price (no coupon codes)

I look forward to seeing what you create on PatternJam!


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